Tuna Melt

Today for #recipesforthepeople we’re doing not one but TWO recipes which we are dedicating to our politicians who are fighting for We The People, doing what they can to protect small businesses & restaurants.

Our first recipe is a very strange, completely new martini of asparagus with the water from a can of white asparagus, vodka, sherry vinegar, olive oil … and a garnish of Swiss chard. It’s actually pretty good... even Carlota likes it!

Then we are making the famous Tuna Melt of my friend @senatorwarner who has been doing so much for the People of Virginia and the People of America. Maybe we will do a good job and teach him the REAL Tuna Melt … but I know he’s already getting great advice from the amazing @KamalaHarris! And our music of course, this is Viva la Vida by @coldplay

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Tuna Fish
Salt & Pepper


Tuna melt recipe: some tuna, mayonnaise, mustard, ugly tomatoes, cheese, bread. Add some mustard to the bread, mix a little of oil with the mayonnaise and add it to the bread too, then you put the tuna and the slices of tomato on top (red AND yellow... remember we like everybody!!), some salt and then you add the cheese.... Now we’re ready to melt it! Be careful in this part please … you need to watch the video for this technique ... no one could ever write it down!!

BOOM, that’s how José Andrés makes a tuna melt!!