For today’s #RecipesForThePeople we are inspired by my mom, who made this inexpensive but delicious lentil stew for me and my three brothers when we were growing up.. and of course Lin Manuel @leslieodomjr for the soundtrack !! Immigrants, we feed America … we get the job done! Just you wait, just you wait ... @WCKitchen


Small Potatoes
Brown Lentils
Olive Oil
Sherry Vinegar
Salt & Pepper


Take a whole tomato, onion, leek, some celery, & garlic … put them all in a big pot with a bag of brown lentils … like the GOYA brand from the bodega. Cover with water and add some olive oil … Or add whatever you want! If you don’t have these vegetables, it’s okay … more is less and less is more! Then cook until it comes to a boil.....

While you wait dice two onions and cook them in a lot of olive oil, until it starts to caramelize but not TOO much, then add some smoked pimentón (if you have.. if not cumin, chili powder, whatever is in your pantry). When the onions are beautiful golden, throw them into the pot with the lentils & vegetables. After another half hour (or about a bottle and a half of wine) check to see if the lentils are soft.

Peel and cut three more carrots, and peel and cut/break 4-5 small potatoes (watch the video to see this!). Carefully pull out the celery, leeks, tomato, garlic, & onion from the soup, with some of the broth, puree them together, then pour the puree back in the pot to thicken it … add the potatoes and carrots and finish cooking just until they’re soft … add salt to taste and serve! Even better with some sherry vinegar on top!!