Chicken Breakdown

4lb chicken (whole with neck and innards)


Remove wing flats, and wing tips. Place wing tips into large bowl for Soup. Place the flats on a plate for the Rice. Take the heart, liver and cut them in half and place them on plate for the Rice. Carefully cut neck in half, and place into bowl for Stock.

Cut away breasts and thighs (1/2 chicken) away in one large piece. Repeat for the other side.

Find the soft spots along each side of the base of the spine to discover the chicken oyster. Carefully cut them away. Place the oysters on the plate for the Rice. Place the carcass into large bowl for Soup and Croquetas.

Take one side of the chicken, trim away the fat and excess skin (set aside in a small bowl). Separate breast from the leg. Repeat for the other side.

Cut away the drumette from each breast and place onto plate for Rice. Place the breasts skin side down and cut away the tenderloin. Tenderloins got to the Rice plate. Leave the skin on the breasts, and place onto a separate plate for the Trinxat.

Take both legs and separate the thighs and the drumstick. Trim excess fat and skin off thighs put into bowl with skin and fat from breast.

Place thighs and drums together on a separate plate for the Roasted Potatoes and Onions.

Take all the skin trim and fat. Cut them into small pieces and set into a small container for the Chicken Skin Pancake.

What your chicken mise should look like:

Large bowl (chicken soup/chicken croquetas)
Chicken carcass
Wing tips
Chicken neck

Plate 1 (Roasted chicken with potato and onions)
2 each Chicken thigh
2 each Chicken drumstick

Plate 2 (Chicken breast with Trinxat)
2 each Chicken breasts

Plate 3 (Spanish rice)
Chicken heart
Chicken liver
2 each Chicken drumette
2 each Chicken wings (flaps)
2 each chicken oyster
2 each chicken tenderloin

Small bowl (Chicken Skin Pancake)
Trimmed skin and excess fat.