Bread Migas with Chorizo & Grapes

Today for #recipesforthepeople we’re making bread “migas” (crumbs) with chorizo and grapes. It’s time to use any old bread you have- don’t throw it away, cook with it! This is what we do in Spain, what my mother, my father taught me to do. We’re singing to my friend @_melendioficial_ , the song Caminando por la vida. And we’re dedicating this to all the restaurant industry, to @indprestaurants, to the Chefs of Spain, Italy, China, the Chefs of the World… all of them. And of course to my people of @WCKitchen!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Start by breaking up the bread into pieces with the help of a knife or your hands … then you sprinkle a little water, not too much! Just so they are slightly wet, not a dough. Heat up olive oil in the pan, and start cooking the garlic and the chorizo (or leftover meat, bacon, anything you want!). When it’s cooked, remove the garlic and chorizo and set them aside, then add the bread to the leftover oil (and add more oil if you want!) Keep cooking and stirring the migas so they don’t burn … it takes a long time for them to lose their moisture and get a little crunchy. In another pan, fry some eggs (do it better than Carlota please). Add the pimentón to the migas, then add back the cooked chorizo and the grapes at the very end, and serve the migas alongside a fried egg and it is like you are a true Spaniard!!