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Zaytinya's 3-Star Review in The Washington Post

October 2012

Our waiter at this sweeping ode to mezze talks in exclamation points. “My favorite kind of drink -- all booze!" he cries when I order the sunset-colored Istanbul fueled with bourbon and apricot eau-de-vie. “We're going to have a lot of fun!" he says after he has taken orders for a spread that includes fragile squash blossoms that reveal a core of feta when touched by a fork and lush beef tartare scooped up with pita chips flavored with sumac. Fritters made with snails, each morsel perched on a coin of crisp potato and cumin-tinged yogurt, are like no other kibbeh you've ever had: a revelation. The more I eat, the more lust I feel for the luscious combinations of Greek, Lebanese and Turkish flavors that leave the kitchen at the rate of 5,000 (count 'em!) small plates on a typical Saturday. 

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