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Yes Way Rosé!

June 2017

Have you noticed a profusion of pink popping up on patios around town? What you’re witnessing is the perennial changing of the seasons from Spring to Summer, when jackets go into the closet, sundresses come out, and glasses get filled with delicious, refreshing rosé. To celebrate this tradition, Zaytinya will be featuring a number of rosé flights from the Mediterranean, including wines from Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon.

What makes Mediterranean rosés special? ThinkFoodGroup’s Master Sommelier Andy Myers says that “The best weather to grow rosé is the Mediterranean – it grows best in the places it’s best to drink it” … AKA, where there’s sunshine, and lots of it. Luckily for those of us in Washington DC, the summertime brings out the beautiful sunshine and warmth that will make you crave a crisp, dry, refreshing glass of wine – preferably pink.

If you find yourself with dark memories of sweet pink plonk, Andy has some surprises in store for you. Well-made rosés are meant to be light, dry, and uncomplicated, and their various shades come from different grape varietals and varying lengths of skin contact. Two standouts include Gaia Estate’s 14-18H (referring to the amount of time the wine touches the fruit’s skin), which Andy describes as “medium bodied, with bright, poppy fruits, including strawberries and wild raspberries” and one from Dio Fili Estate, which is “lighter, more mineral driven, crisper, and more tart,” both from Greece.

To accompany the rosé flights, every weekend throughout the month of June Zaytinya will feature a special brunch menu, designed by Head Chef Michael Costa to complement the wines. Enjoy a long Mediterranean meal with savory mezzes like hommus, htipiti (roasted red peppers and feta), and menemen (Turkish-style scrambled eggs), alongside sweets like Greek yogurt with wine-soaked apricots and rich, honey-drenched donuts.

So don’t miss out this summer – transport yourself to the Mediterranean and enjoy the long, sun-filled afternoons on Zaytinya’s patio, ideally with a flight of rosé, a table full of shared treats, and your friends and family. Head to Zaytinya’s website to make brunch reservations here.