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Two New Rum Cocktails to Warm Up Your Winter

January 2017

Even if you can't make it to Miami Beach or the Maryland shore this winter, you can still mix up our new cocktails! 

The Tomaso, which we serve at Bazaar Mar in Miami, is a refreshing cocktail that will bring you straight to the beach! Made with coconut water, aged rum, and bitters, the Tomaso is a nod to Miami's tropical surroundings, and is sure to warm you up this winter, no matter where you are. 

Here's the recipe for The Tomaso.

The Rebel, from Fish by José Andrés, is a savory masterpiece. It's a take on a classic Rum Sour, but instead of a normal aged rum it calls for a Colonial-style rum called Sugar Act, made in Maryland. If you can't find Sugar Act, you can mimic the flavor with a classic Jamaican rum, plus a few spoonfuls of the Brazilian liquor cachaça. It also calls for a simple honey syrup and a drop of sesame oil for added depth and complexity.

Here's the recipe for The Rebel.