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ThinkFood Sound Bites: Wine Director Andy Myers

April 2015

There are a lot talented people buzzing around the TFG Headquarters in Washington, DC, with interesting thoughts and anecdotes being shared at any given time. To inspire you, each issue, we will be sharing a new thought or tip from our team. 

All special wine bottles in my life have a name written on them to indicate who I will drink that bottle with - sometimes it is the person who gave me the bottle and sometimes it is a person that would find that bottle special. One time, my father and I were in Alsace during the 1999 vintage and accidentally ended up in the house of the owners of Domaine Weinbach drinking wine in their kitchen. It was a special day. Whenever I find Weinbach wines from 1999, I buy them and write my dad’s name on them. I only drink 99 Weinbach with my old man.”