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Team Beefsteak Cooks Fresh From The Farmers’ Market

April 2016

It’s Sunday morning in Washington DC, and Pat Peterson is shopping at the farmers’ market. Peterson, the executive chef of Beefsteak, has a specific task: find enough fresh, delicious vegetables to feed a crowd.

Today is the first day of FRESHFARM Dupont Circle market’s extended summer hours, and Peterson is scheduled to do a cooking demo. The windy, cold weather is making it feel more like wintertime, but no matter. Peterson’s got a plan. Grabbing a crate in vibrant Beefsteak Blue, he greets Marty of Twin Springs Fruit Farm, then picks out carrots, potatoes, yellow onions, and more from Marty’s table.

Peterson stops at a few booths that morning— The Farm at Sunnyside, Gardener’s Gourmet, and Chicano Sol. His crate filled, he ducks into Beefsteak’s kitchen, right beside the market, and gets to work.

Pat Peterson Beefsteak FreshFarm Dupont-00008.jpg

The payoff comes an hour or so later. Peterson warms market-goers with Beefsteak’s own Carrot Miso Soup, made with the help of a young volunteer. Fresh garden bowl salads with hearty quinoa and arugula— Beefsteak style— were the perfect pairing. “Don’t overcomplicate soup,” he tells the crowd. It’s a simple solution on a chilly day.

Pat Peterson Beefsteak FreshFarm Dupont-00015.jpg

Pat Peterson Beefsteak FreshFarm Dupont-00021.jpg