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Tastemade Features é by José Andrés

August 2017

Tastemade, alongside the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Association, created a sneak peek video into making the menu at é, José’s 9-seat restaurant within a restaurant, housed at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. é features “the foods and the ingredients of Spain but through a kaleidoscopic lens," according to José. “It is different than any other restaurant because you are putting yourself in the hands of the chef.”

"You always remember that you went to Las Vegas with all of the crowds, all the lights, the gambling, the clubs, everything," says Chef Aitor Lozano, ThinkFoodGroup's Creative Director. "But when you go to é, time just stops for two and a half hours."

Head Chef Eric Suniga defined the cuisine as “more of a contemporary style of cooking, you’ll hear the term modern, avant-garde. This style of cuisine is just fun.”

Chef Aitor says, "You know, we can create the most amazing thing, the concept, the philosophy, whatever you want to say, but the most important thing is that people put it in their mouth and taste it, and say, 'This is good. This is really good.'"

Guests enjoy dishes like foie gras wrapped in cotton candy and a “Wonder Bread” lookalike made of apple meringue, foie gras, and Harry’s Berries strawberries. “You can see their mind kind of come to a halt and regroup itself,” Chef Suniga said.

Watch the video here.