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Spanish Flavors: Potato Chips Made With Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

April 2016

For chipmaster Rafael de Rosal, only the finest will do. Rafael and his wife Maria del Carmen produce their San Nicasio potato chips in the mountains of Andalusia, and José is proud to bring their product to the United States-- as José Andrés Potato Chips.

It all begins with olive oil—100% extra virgin olive oil from a cooperative in Priego de Córdoba, pressed in a mill next to Rafael’s chip factory to ensure freshness. Priego de Córdoba is at the heart of an ancient olive-growing region that dates back to before Roman times. This custom blend of extra virgin oil then goes toward slow-cooking Spanish “Agria” potatoes. A light sprinkling of Himalayan pink sea salt is all these crisp chips need before packaging. The result? A chip so simple, yet so perfect paired with seafoods or salsa brava. Or better yet, in a Spanish omelette.