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minibar Film Debuts at Food Film Festival

November 2017

Have you ever watched a film that made your jaw drop AND your mouth water? The Food Film Festival, an annual event in New York City, showcases movies that do exactly that. From one minute iPhone shorts to feature-length films and documentaries, the festival celebrates the best of food filmmaking. This year, guests got a special glimpse into the mind-blowing world of minibar, José's two Michelin-starred temple of avant-garde cooking.

The minibar culinary team, along with filmmakers What Took You So Long, made a series of films celebrating the world of vegetables - spring peas, cauliflower, beets, and more. One film was selected to debut at the festival - This Is Not Carrot Cake shows the preparation of an iconic dessert from minibar. In the film, carrots are transformed -- plucked from the soil, churned into a carrot sorbet, and piped into a "dirt" of gingerbread dough, with coriander caramel, vanilla sponge cake, yogurt espuma, and lime gelée as hidden surprises beneath the soil. The end result is a stunning reinterpretation of dessert, and wowed the audience at the festival.

Watch the film here!