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Let the Battle Begin!

August 2019

¿Han dado ya la señal? As the clock nears 11am, this phrase is murmured in the crowded streets of Buñol, Spain, the last Wednesday in August. If you want to make it through La Tomatina, the world’s most famous food fight, you need to know that this means “has there been a signal yet?” – and know what the signal is. A jamón is placed on top of a greasy pole and La Tomatina can only commence when someone climbs it and captures the jamón – a daunting task.

La Tomatina is a tomato food fight that has taken place in Spain for more than a half-century, swelling the city of Buñol from 9,000 residents to more than 50,000 people from all over the world. The “weapons” of this fight are 150,000 fat tomatoes, and the streets are its arena. After the signal, it’s on: tomatoes fly in every direction, a battle royale where no one gets out unscathed. By the end of it, everyone, and everything, is red – and it takes an armada of firetrucks to hose off the city from its new layer of tomato pulp.

If Buñol isn’t in your travel plans this month, come to Jaleo and Mercado Little Spain between August 26th and September 9th and experience Tomatina, José-style. The beautiful bounty of late summer tomatoes is on full display throughout our menus, with tomato specials tapas, soups, drinks, and even desserts.

Check out the menus and make reservations for Tomatina festival online. And if you do make it to La Tomatina this year, don’t forget your gafas de protección (safety glasses), and don’t wear nice clothes … ¡Que comience la batalla! (let the battle begin!)