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Fish by José Andrés to Open in the Bahamas

July 2017

José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup is thrilled to announce the newest incarnation of its Fish by José Andrés concept, slated to open in early 2018 at the idyllic The Cove at Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The unique seafood-focused concept from chef José and his team will celebrate the delectable abundance of fish and seafood from the azure waters of the Bahamas and Caribbean Sea, delivering an unmatched dining experience for resort guests as well as locals.

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the ocean – whether it’s enjoying the freshest delicacies of the local waters or going diving!” said Chef Andrés. “The Fish brand tells the story of this beautiful, mysterious thing we call the sea, through food -- and my team and I are very excited to create this new experience at The Cove. The new Bahamian team is as committed as I am to supporting sustainable fishing practices and the protection of the Bahamian coral reefs!”

Said Howard Karawan, President and Managing Director of Atlantis, Paradise Island, “Our families sat down together this Thanksgiving and I quickly understood our common goals of supporting an ethical and sustainable environment, celebrating Bahamian culture and flavor and masterful preparation of cuisine.  Bringing Fish to the Cove is an opportunity for Chef Andrés to impact our team of Bahamian chefs and for them to share with him the bounty of the Bahamian islands.”

The restaurant will highlight the freshest possible seafood, skillfully transformed into memorable dishes using local fish and seafood from fresh lobster and crustaceans to tuna, lionfish, and Bahamian conch. The menu will also feature Andrés and his team’s take on Bahamian favorites. Preparations will range from simple and flavorful to innovative and creative, served as small plates for sharing or larger-format dishes. Guests will also be able to choose from an array of innovative, hand-crafted cocktails and wines produced in regions known for the world’s best seafood.

The Fish Bahamas dining room will transport and inspire guests, reflecting the colors, shapes and textures of the Bahamian seascape itself – as seen through the eyes of Spanish design firm, Capella Garcia. Elegant, organic elements will be integrated, and the dining room will provide an airy, open feel, with private dining areas subtly demarcated by translucent curtains.