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China Chilcano Head Chef Carlos Dishes on DC's Food Scene

February 2017

In a video produced by Chef’s Feed, China Chilcano Head Chef Carlos Delgado brings viewers on a mouthwatering tour of Washington DC’s H Street NE. Starting with the Blue Cheese Mussels at Belgian pub Granville Moore’s (he loves the "freshness of the mussels, the smokiness of the pork belly, the funkiness from the blue cheese”), and moving on to enjoy a variety of vegetable-forward dishes at Sally’s Middle Name and grilled marrow at Maketto, Chef Carlos shows what makes DC a great food scene.

“We live in the day and age that food develops our love for culture,” Chef Carlos says in the video. “And then culture comes with people, and new people come to DC, and that’s new culture being brought in as DC grows, you know – DC becomes that food city that we all want it to be.”

Chef José makes an appearance as well, chatting with Chef Carlos over a Pisco Sour: “He’s the Head Chef at China Chilcano because he’s super talented. Carlos doesn’t have this super big voice. People that know their craft very well, who know what they want, and are able to bring that know-how in a super solid way – this is the best form of leadership. I’m super proud and my team is super proud that he is with us. He’s gonna help us keep telling the story of HIS Peru to Washington, and to America, and to the world.”

Watch the video here.