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Aquafaba, Your New Favorite Cocktail Addition

November 2017

Have you ever had a cocktail with a serious head of froth? The family of cocktails known as sours are kind of like the cappuccino of the cocktail world - they are topped with an airy layer that gives the drink a creamy, rich feel. Chances are it came from egg whites - when the whites are shaken with the other cocktail ingredients, they aerate and the proteins begin to unfold, giving that soft, seafoam texture.

But what if you're making a cocktail at home and don't have a carton of eggs in the fridge, or if you don't eat eggs? There's a simple ingredient that may be in your pantry right now that can get the same effect without breaking a single shell! Aquafaba is the liquid from soaking chickpeas or other legumes, full of proteins and starches that make it a surprisingly versatile replacement for egg whites. Whipped with sugar it can be baked as a meringue, added to cookies and other baked goods it can act as a binding, and shaken in cocktails it can give that same foamy texture as egg whites.

How do you get aquafaba? Simple - from a can of chickpeas! Drain a can and set the beans aside for another use (you could try this Chickpea Stew with Salt Cod), and you'll have enough for a few cocktails - 1 ounce of aquafaba replaces the egg white in a cocktail.

If you're curious to try aquafaba for yourself, open up a can of chickpeas and click here for the recipe for Zaytinya's Tsipouro Sour, a Greek-inspired riff on the classic using aquafaba!