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Oyamel’s Rooftop Garden

August 2015

Bright lights, big city – and rooftop gardens. These days, more and more people living in urban environments are doing their part to help feed the world by cultivating from their land, whether it be backyards or the top of buildings. 

Just last month, Oyamel, our Mexican spot located at 401 7th Street NW in Washington, DC is proudly home to a new garden by Up Top Acres, a company that designs, builds and operates rooftop farms. While it may seem unusual, rooftop farming is almost the ideal landscape for farming due its abundance of flat land, unobstructed access to sunlight and a reliable source of water. 

City and suburban agriculture does much more than just grow food. From real estate perks to strengthening economies, this progressive farming trend has a long list of positive impacts that prove why food is such an integral part of our world and how it can be a solution to many of our issues. 

Oyamel’s garden is the first of many of Up Top Acres’ projects in the DC-area and we’re so excited to be a part of their mission. But our nation’s capital isn’t the only city joining this movement. Cities all over the world are doing their part to treat our environment better and improve our world’s outlook for how it will be feeding its people in the next 50 years. 

Want to see urban farming in action? Check out this time-lapse from Up Top Acres installing our garden, and make sure to visit the EPA website to see how you can start growing in your city.