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Celebrate Spain’s Cocktail Obsession: The Gin-Tonic

April 2019

“In Spain, gin-tonic is not just a cocktail, it is an obsession.” – José Andrés

On April 15, our annual spring Gin and Tonic Festival returns to all D.C.-area Jaleo restaurants and the newly opened Jaleo Disney Springs. This popular two-week festival celebrates Spain’s national cocktail, which also happens to be one of José’s favorites!

Gin and tonics were first created by British colonists in India in order to stave off malaria – the bitter herb quinine was mixed with gin, lime, and sugar to take the edge off. The Spanish take, known as “gin-tonic,” incorporates a garden of garnishes – fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices – to the traditional gin and tonic recipe. The cocktail is also served in a large wine glass or goblet to amplify the aroma of the gin and garnishes.

“The Gin-Tonic has a fascinating history,” José says. “It was created by the British – in England and India – but it was perfected by the Spaniards. Think about it ... the Gin-Tonic has united cultures and continents all over the world.”

Jaleo’s Gin and Tonic Spring Festival, which runs from April 15-28, 2019, will add new gin and tonic variations to the menu as well as paired small bites. Try one of this year’s new creations or an old favorite like the Ultimate Gin & Tonic, one of José’s favorites. Get the recipe and learn how to make it in this video with ThinkFoodGroup’s cocktail innovator, Miguel Lancha.