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February 2015

They’re coming. And they can’t be stopped.

They’re powerful, beautiful and sexy. They’re vegetables, and they’re being unleashed in Washington, D.C. at our newest restaurant concept, Beefsteak.

With fresh, market-driven vegetables taking center stage, Beefsteak is Chef José Andrés’ debut into the fast-casual arena, breaking the mold of most quick-service options available these days by featuring affordable, accessible food that’s been created with the culinary edge of a world-renowned chef. 

Beefsteak’s mission is simple: to fuel busy lifestyles and the growing desire to eat well, without any fuss. To feature surprisingly simple food that we can feel good about and also fits our budget. To offer good food, fast.

José believes this can all be accomplished through the power of vegetables.

“The vegetable is as robust and flavorful as any meat. Why not make it the star of the plate?” he asks with his introduction of Beefsteak.

Quick-cooked, prepared to order vegetables serve as the anchor of the menu at Beefsteak, where they top bowls of hearty grains and are finished with flavorful sauces, crisp greens, refreshing dressings and unlimited toppings to add a bite of crunch. Healthy proteins like meat, eggs and avocado are available to add as well, offering you a customizable, wildly flavorful meal in a bowl that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner, sitting down or on the run. 

Beefsteak’s focus is vegetables, but it isn’t a vegetarian restaurant, or a vegan or health food one, either. It’s new a way to start thinking about how we eat and feed ourselves. Beefsteak explores all of the possibilities of how food can make our lives better as just a part of our efforts here at ThinkFoodGroup to change the world through the power of food.

Fast casual has never been so beautiful, and we hope to see you there soon. 

Visit the Beefsteak website to sign up for updates on the opening.