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José and Deschutes Brewery Introduce Zarabanda

December 2014

Fifteen years ago, José traveled to Bend, Oregon for the first time to cook for a charity event. What he brought back was the makings of a long-time friendship with Deschutes brewery founder and CEO Gary Fish and a fascination with craft brews. And the idea to someday collaborate on a special beer. A few years and a few recipe tweaks later, we’re proud to announce the release of Zarabanda, a new José Andrés-inspired, saison style beer from Deschutes Brewery. A completely different approach to a typical light, crisp saison,the 22-ounce variety is named after a Spanish type of dance known as the Sarabande, representing fun, enjoyment and party, and most importantly, reminding beer drinkers of Spain’s relaxed lifestyle.

Their creativity began with a classic saison, typically known as a highly carbonated, fruity and spicy beer, that they incorporated with flavors that José loves to use with his cooking. As he recently told a fan, “imagine things you don’t expect in beer;” things such as the fragrant herb lemon verbena, pink peppercorns, and the popular Middle Eastern spice sumac, which all add zest to the typically spicy yeast strain. A dash of dried lime offers an additional citrus note that is apparent in the slightly sweet aftertaste of Zarabanda. Clocking in at 6.1 percent alcohol by volume, the body features a mixture of Vienna and spelt malts and tastes minimally hoppy. Some beer connoisseurs describe it as a seamless replacement for a dry, white wine and at home in any bar or trendy restaurant.

Zarabanda is a rare chef-driven collaboration, and it’s evident through the finesse in the finished product that José and his team were able to offer to Deschutes. Their work together heightened the understanding of balancing traditional beer-flavoring ingredients, making it a complex, food-forward beverage. While some breweries would typically add lemon zest to create the citrus component of Zarabanda, José was able to impart three different kinds of fruits to add depth and extreme pairing capabilities. 

José has always worked to infuse his Spanish culture into American cuisines, and his work with Deschutes Brewery has allowed him to expand his creativity to create a beer that anyone can enjoy. “Here we are, after almost 20 years,” says José, “and Deschutes Brewery has helped to bring my spirit into this beer and allowed me to become part of of a whole new celebration.”

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