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José and Colbert, Together Again

December 2019

The night before Thanksgiving, José and Stephen Colbert reunited on Colbert's Late Show to talk about humanitarian relief work, sexy vegetables, and Thanksgiving leftovers (if you'll remember back to last Thanksgiving, they made cocktails and Spanish eggs on stage). José was excited to be interviewed by Colbert on the Late Show sofa: "immigrants can make it onto Stephen Colbert's sofa too!" he said. "It's quite a moment!"

The two old friends discussed World Central Kitchen's work in The Bahamas and beyond, his recent cookbook Vegetables Unleashed, and what to tell a Thanksgiving host whose cooking may not be so hot. "Just lie to the people who are cooking for you, becasue you know your turkey is going to be dry" he told the audience. "Do your best to lie to them – use your poker face."

He also made a Frozen Cranberry & Gin cocktail ... with liquid nitrogen: "Everybody should have liquid nitrogen in their lives!" And with any extra turkey? Lean on an old Spanish favorite, Croquetas ... as José would say, BOOM.

Watch the sofa segment here, and the cooking segment here.