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José on The Late Show

November 2018

"It's Thanksgiving coming up here, so we're obviously going to make cocktails and eggs for Thanksgiving." José Andrés recently joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show for a cocktail and cooking demostration, complete with calls for political unity, proper egg-frying technique, and open flames. To celebrate the holiday, José taught Stephen how to make barmini's Floral Cloud cocktail (which José renamed the Make America Drink Again), a drink with gin, lemon juice, violet liqueur, and a pinkish hibiscus fog on top that slowly dissipated. "Because right now in America, there's a little big of fog," José said. "And this is to show you that the fog will eventually go away, people. And when the fog goes away, America is beautiful again!"

It wouldn't be entertaining late night television with José if something didn't catch on fire. Luckily, he didn't disappoint - halfway through the demonstration, as José and Stephen finished frying up Spanish-style eggs, one of the induction burners spouted flames. A panicked Stephen tried to douse the fire with the cocktail as José looked on in shock, but the moment of danger passed and the two enjoyed fried eggs topped with spoonfuls of caviar. "What you have here is the thigh, the drumstick, the breast, all in one bite ... Thanksgiving is so easy!" José proclaimed.

Watch the clip hereStephen also posted the recipe for the cocktail on his Facebook page.