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Five Times You Wish You Tagged Along With José

April 2016

What do paella, scallop ceviche, a veggie bowl, and a Cuban cigar have in common? José, of course. Here are five times you wish you’d been at the party.

Havana, March 19-23: (Pictured above) José joined President Barack Obama’s historic delegation, where he talked to Cuban entrepreneurs and also indulged in Cuba’s most coveted product—the cigar.


Miami, February 25: José hosted his sold-out Paella and Tapas by the Pool Party at the 15th annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival, held at the SLS South Beach. Can you say duck confit paella with morel mushrooms, foie gras, and black truffles?

ASCC 2016 Scallop Ceviche Leche de Tigre.jpg

Los Angeles, March 10: It was a feast with José’s Scallop Ceviche with Leche de Tigre at the Noche de Masters dinner, during the third annual All-Star Chefs Classic. Bonus dinner entertainment—José’s lively salsa with the event’s host, Bricia Lopez of L.A.’s Guelaguetza.

Jose Andres Twitter SXSW.jpg

Austin, March 14: José’s Beefsteak moment at SXSW. Eater’s Erin DeJesus interviewed José, who held forth about partying with your vegetables and why millenials should consider taking up urban farming.

JoseinHaiti (1).jpg

Austin, March 14: Jose’s inspirational talk about clean cookstoves and Haiti, at SXSW’s Comcast Social Media Lounge. “The fire that we take for granted, for so many people, equals death, equals poverty, equals hunger,” José said. “All of a sudden, if we are able to bring them clean cookstoves, mothers are healthy, young girls are healthy, and the forest is growing again on the mountain.”

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