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4 Things to Look for at Your Local Farmers’ Market

August 2015

What’s better than going to your local farmers’ market at the peak of summer? Going with a chef. Every Thursday here in Washington, DC, from the start of April and all the way through December, you’ll likely find one of ThinkFoodGroup’s chefs walking through the FRESHFARM Penn Quarter Farmers’ Market. Its location between our restaurants Jaleo, Oyamel and Zaytinya makes it a popular spot for the chefs. We followed Zaytinya’s Head Chef Michael Costa through the market as he picked up his weekly orders. Click through the photo gallery to see what’s on his shopping list.  

Farm-Fresh Sheep’s Milk Cheese 


Sheep’s milk has a unique and luxuriously rich flavor. Choose a mild slicing cheese like Colbere for your cheeseboard, or throw some Fetina, a soft, feta-like variety, into a summertime salad. 

Red Ribbon Sorrel

Tesco_Red Ribbon Sorrel.jpeg

This leafy green is decorated with intense red veins and has a sweet, tart flavor similar to a Granny Smith apple. It’s a great addition to a fresh salad for a punch of flavor and color.

Lemon Verbena

Lynn Smythe_lemon-verbena-plant.jpg

This lemony herb brightens poultry and vegetable marinades and is a great addition to salad dressings, jellies and vinegar. Chop some up and add to your favorite summertime drink for a fresh, bright taste.

Heirloom Varieties


Tomatoes aren’t the only heirlooms at the farmers’ market. You can often find a variety of open-pollinated produce, whether it be purple head of cauliflower or delicate cilantro leaves that can be used as garnish.

Want to find the closest farmers’ market near you? Check out the USDA’s Food Directory for your local listing.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons/Sheep’s Milk: Olivia Pecorino, Red Ribbon Sorrel: Tesco, Heirlooms: Suvarnabhoomi, Lemon Verbena: Lynn Smythe