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Pwason Beni: World Central Kitchen's Sustainable Seafood Restaurant in Haiti

February 2015

José is constantly trying to feed the many well beyond his restaurant walls. In faraway countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Zambia, his organization, World Central Kitchen, is improving the lives of entire communities by using food as an agent of change. Through initiatives such as culinary schools, bakeries, honey production and clean cooking solutions, our team has helped to establish hope in places so often conflicted with despair. We have accomplished this by educating societies around sustainable cooking solutions and creating jobs that support healthy lives and environments.

We are proud to share our most recent endeavor, the Pwason Beni Kitchen in Croix des Boquettes, Haiti, which operates in conjunction with its neighboring Zanmi Beni orphanage and the Boulanjiri Bakery – another business that was established by José and his team.

Fried fish sandwiches are the highlight at Pwason Beni, made with freshly baked breads from the bakery and sustainably raised fish from the orphanage’s tilapia farm. The restaurant boasts a state of the art kitchen with some of the most advanced technology in the area, including a commercial hot line that will help them churn out mouthwatering sandwiches like the Tilapawich, a fried tilapia sandwich topped with spicy Haitian pickled vegetables. Along with providing jobs to locals that include training in culinary skills and customer service, Pwason Beni will serve as a point of sale for the many products the community produces, including baked goods from Boulanjiri and eggs from the orphanage’s new chicken farm.

The success of the restaurant is evident through the enthusiasm of the employees, explains World Central Kitchen Director Brian McNair.  “The kitchen staff took to the new kitchen immediately. They understand that they need to care for this restaurant as if it is their own home, and it will produce good food and teach them new skills," he says.

Above all else, Pwason Beni and endeavors like it represent the kind of powerful solutions needed to strengthen economies and build promising futures. Solutions that are at the forefront of mankind and that are proud accomplishments of ThinkFoodGroup. 

Click here to watch a video of Pwason Beni in one of World Central Kitchen’s Chef Network profiles.