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World Central Kitchen Launches Coffee Roasting Project in Nicaragua

April 2017

This year, José's non-profit World Central Kitchen began a coffee roasting project in Nicaragua, building a roasting facility to bring new jobs and more income to coffee-growing communities in the country. Many coffee farmers around the world are only able to sell their raw, green coffee beans through a series of middlemen, including exporters, shippers, roasters, and distributors, before they reach the final customer. Working with the new roasting machinery and US-based coffee company Vega, coffee farmers and members of their communities will master the roasting process themselves, cutting out the middlemen throughout the supply chain. Their coffee will ship fresh to consumers right after it is roasted, ensuring an elevated drinking experience for coffee-lovers everywhere!

The Smart Roast project is a collaboration between WCK, Vega, and Nicaraguan educational organization Fabretto.

While the beans are not yet on the market, stay tuned with World Central Kitchen to find out how and when you can experience this super fresh, direct cup of coffee!