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Tasting Peru with José Andrés and Team

December 2014

One only needs to taste Peru to understand its incredible cuisine. Rich with exotic ingredients and world-class restaurants, ancient civilizations and modern immigrants, Peru is a fascinating blend of cultures that is the result of a people who have embraced influences from all over the world for generations.

Influences from Chinese migrants, which gave way to an exciting cooking style known as Chifa that fuses the culinary foundations of China with the native ingredients of Peru. Or influences from the Japanese community, taking their elegance and style – as well as their adoration of sushi – and capitalizing on the abundance of fresh fish in Peru’s coastal cities to create a cuisine known as Nikkei. Last but not least are the long-standing traits taken from Spain and West Africa that create a cuisine of fresh and bold flavors known as Criollo.

José and his team experienced this delicious landscape first hand as they traveled throughout Peru in preparation for the newest addition to our ThinkFoodGroup family, China Chilcano, coming to Washington D.C. in early 2015.

From Peru’s verdant mountains to its bustling cities, our chefs tasted everything from the aji Amarillo peppers at a city market and wood-fired meats in the countryside, to ceviche from roadside bars and shaved ice from local gelaterias. They shared meals with iconic Peruvian chefs like Gastón Arcurio, Javier Wong and Mitsiharu Tsumura, and exchanged ideas and techniques with everyone they met along the way. Just as Peru did long ago with immigrants from China, Japan or Spain, the Peruvian culture was warm and welcoming to our team, teaching them everything there is to know about the local cuisines in order to develop a menu for our nation’s capital that is authentic and complete with José’s innovative flair. 

The best part? Peru’s fascinating and far-reaching gastronomy is largely undiscovered by the rest of the world, making this destination in Washington’s Penn Quarter unlike anywhere else. Prepare to be amazed by China Chilcano and join us to celebrate the dynamic culinary diversity of Peru.

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