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Survey Says: Answers From Our R&D Team

April 2015

It’s a common fact that we’re always looking to get inside the mind of a chef. Whether it’s a Michelin-starred toque or the sous chef at our neighborhood restaurant, having the insight of a trained and professional cook is a well sought-after perk. When our Research & Development team is not with José developing new concepts and menus, opening restaurants nationwide, training new chefs and traveling the world in search of inspiration, they’re here in our Washington, DC culinary lab. We recently asked them what their ultimate spring vegetable is and how they cook them. The consensus? Everyone grab some peas or asparagus next time you head to the store.

Ultimate Spring Vegetable? And What Do You Do to Them?

Rick Billings, R&D Director: “Asparagus. Salt, pepper, olive oil and grill.”

Ryan Collins, Recipe Manager: “Green beans. My daughter and I pickle them for later use in her fried rice.”

Ruben Garcia, Culinary Creativity Director: “Asparagus. Grilled with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan and black pepper.” 

Margarito Lopez, Pastry Sous Chef: “Peas for sure! Pea pesto, chilled soup, adds some freshness to any pasta. They’re very versatile.”

Aitor Lozano, Creativity Director, West Coast: “PEAS! They’re the most sexy and delicate vegetable ever. I love cooking them in a broth with scallions, garlic, olive oil and egg. Delicious”

Sean Wheaton, Special Events: “Probably peas, plus you get the shoots with them. I’m looking forward to pea risotto with a salad from the shoots and fresh herbs in a few weeks.”

Joshua Whigham, The Bazaar R&D Chef: “Carrots and garlic. I always ferment them.”

Terri Cutrino, Project Chef: "Peas – I don’t do much, sautéed with olive oil, maybe some shallots and fresh thyme."