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José Joins Andrew Zimmern’s New Documentary

February 2020

On February 16 from 9-11pm on MSNBC, José will join his close friend Andrew Zimmern to kick off his new show, “What’s Eating America.” The five-part series will discuss some of the most challenging and important issues facing America today, including immigration, climate change, addiction, voting, and health care, all through the lens of food. The first episode, “Who’s Feeding America,” takes José and Andrew on a journey throughout the United States discovering and sharing the many hidden roles that immigrants play in our food system. They speak with farmers, factory workers, and kitchen staff to show the impact that immigrants play throughout our nation’s agricultural and restaurant industries – and what consequences could occur if immigration laws were made even more severe than they are today.

Future episodes of the show, which air every Sunday evening through March 15, cover the impacts of climate change on our food system; Andrew’s own personal journey from homelessness and addiction through the world of food and cooking; the impact of politics on food; and the current health crisis caused by the nation’s addiction to processed foods.

Watch José and Andrew on February 16 from 9-11pm on MSNBC.