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José Wows at South Beach Wine and Food Festival

April 2017

José made waves around the country for his electrifying speech at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in late February.

After being honored by the evening's emcee Anthony Bourdain and award presenter Gloria Estefan, José gave an impassioned address to the audience about immigration and the future of the nation.

"I do believe in walls. We need to be building walls - to build communities, to build schools, to build hospitals, to build community centers, soup kitchens. To build an America we all believe in."

Halfway through the speech, he even took off his chef's jacket to reveal a t-shirt that read "I Am An Immigrant." When asked about whether he had planned to speak about these issues, José told the publication Tasting Table,

"I am thinking all the time about questions of immigration in this country, so being given the opportunity to be on stage in front of so many of my peers, I was inspired to talk about being an immigrant, and how we as a nation must move forward on this issue."

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