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José Joins The 2015 Milan Universal Exposition

August 2015

The 2015 Milan Universal Exposition kicked off May 1st 2015, and José recently visited to speak on his role as the Culinary Ambassador for the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in order to educate a broad international audience on the benefits of clean cookstoves and fuels. The theme of this year’s expo is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, with the main goal of embracing technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity in how they relate to food and diet. José was able to headline a discussion at the USA section Pavilion on food and technology in developing worlds. He addressed the panel on how a simple cookstove can take a serious toll on people’s health and livelihoods in developing countries. The discussion then shifted to why using cleaner and more efficient technology as a solution can empower the world to save lives, and protect the planet.

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