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Eat Spain Up! Exhibition

September 2017

Journey into Spain’s culture through food and design at the month-long event, Eat Spain Up! Enjoy avant-garde Spanish dishes, food and wine tastings, and lectures held by chefs, scholars, and food writers.

Starting September 21st, visit the former residence of the Ambassadors of Spain to explore Spain and its regions through its traditional cuisine and its new gastronomic creativity. The month-long cultural initiative includes exhibitions, lectures, and screenings along with regional food and wine tastings. 

José will be featured on October 19th, speaking alongside food writer and scholar Anne McBride to discuss the past, present, and future of the gastronomic revolution. “Now is the perfect time for Spain, with all of its rich culinary history, to be able to share some of its gastronomic soul, one bowl of gazpacho at a time, with America… from one melting pot to another,” José said. The evening also includes a tasting of Spanish wines. Other events include a tasting exploring the essence of Spain’s food culture and a Food Market of the 21stcentury. 

Click here to learn more about the month of activities; and meet chefs, producers, designers, and food experts as you explore Spain’s culture through gastronomy!