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Join José and Chef Eric Ripert in Celebrating Bourdain Day

June 2019

This June 25, Anthony Bourdain’s birthday, will mark the first Bourdain Day, a celebration to commemorate the life and legacy of the chef, author, and storyteller Anthony Bourdain. In an announcement video by José and Eric Ripert, both of whom were close friends with Bourdain, Ripert asked friends and admirers to celebrate “anywhere you want, with anyone you want,” and to use the hashtag #bourdainday to spread the word.

In one of the final episodes of Parts Unknown, Bourdain’s travel show on CNN, José and the world-traveling journalist visited José’s home region of Asturias. They hiked five hours for a bowl of the famous Asturian bean dish called fabada asturiana, drank cider in the town square, and enjoyed percebes, gooseneck barnacles that come from the rocky coasts of the region.

José had this to say about his old friend: “You know, Tony is Tony. It’s easy to love Tony. He seems like he doesn’t care about anything but himself, but then you can see it. He’s the most caring person I’ve ever met. That’s why I’m happy and proud to call him a friend.”

In addition to celebrating Bourdain on his birthday, José and Eric are partnering with the Culinary Institute of America, Bourdain’s alma mater, to establish the Anthony Bourdain Legacy Scholarship, which will be awarded to CIA students pursuing a semester abroad or taking part in one of the CIA's global cuisines and cultures international programs. More info can be found on the scholarship here, including a link to donate.

So, join José, Eric Ripert, and many others around the world to raise a glass and celebrate Tony Bourdain on June 25. Happy Birthday, Tony.