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Albert Adrià at minibar

December 2018

The meal proceeded with increasing brilliance, each dish revealing more secrets and more beauty than the last. There were more chefs behind the bar at minibar as there were guests in front of it, unveiling moments of genius one after another. And it wasn't just any chefs - some of the greatest minds of the culinary world were there, including four chefs who trained at the best restaurant in the world of its time: elBulli. Chef José Andrés was in the house, flanked by his left and right hands: Ruben García, his east coast creative director, and Aitor Zabala, his west coast creative director (and the executive chef of Somni in Los Angeles), as well as minibar Head Chef Jorge Hernandez.  They were there for one reason: to celebrate that their friend and one of the greatest chefs in the world - Albert Adrià Acosta - was visiting.

Albert is the restaurateur behind the El Barri family of restaurants and long-time pastry chef at elBulli. His restaurant group has four Michelin stars, and he recently expanded to open a pastry shop in London. He's also a creative consultant on José's Mercado Little Spain, the Spanish food hall coming in the Spring to Hudson Yards in New York City, alongside his brother, elBulli chef Ferran Adrià.

The menu was a masterful alignment of two great Spanish minds of similar training and boundless creativity. Take a look here at the final dishes, signed by the four chefs:

Menu of dinner José Albert

Some of these dishes will remain on the menu at minibar into the New Year - make a reservation for January and see the magic for yourself.